I feel a strong need to break the stereotypical mould of ‘Pink and Blue’. Skulls on a baby?! Little girls wearing black? It sounds so wrong but if worn with mega attitude it can be so right! Times have changed, people are challenging the status quo and parents want their kids to stand out, not blend in. My kids inspire me every day and I love coming up with unusual ideas and encouraging others to be completely different and unique. The brand has a story behind it and the hand crafted products are truly special. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when a product really grabs a customer’s attention. To stay ahead of the pack one must constantly evolve, diversify and never stop exploring new ideas. That’s the trick and the adventure that lies ahead of me!

My motto in life is simple. Stay humble, remember your roots. Be friendly, be kind, be cool!

Candi Jordan

Designer & Creator


Pug Life Kids Tees

We have just released these brand new 'Pug Life' kids tees. Because Pugs are Thugs! 

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Girl's Denim Frilly Rockabilly Dresses

Who doesn't love a little girl in a frilly dress?! What makes these little dresses extra special is the handmade detail on the back.

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Tattoo Baby Body Vests

Team Mom or Team Dad? Adorable vintage tattoo body vests just unpacked!

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The Fold Out Diaper Clutch Bag

For a simple baby changing experience

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Featured collection

Catch Phoenix & the llama at these upcoming 2019 CApe Town events!

Western Province Prep School Annual Christmas Market

Date: Friday 25 October 2019

Opening times: 10am-5pm

French School Annual Christmas Market

Date: 7 December 2019

Opening times: 10am-5pm

What our customers say

I am absolutely in love with this brand! And living in PE has not stopped me getting my hands on the items for my little boy. Candi makes sure the payment and delivery process are both quick and easy- whether I order through the website or personally. Can't wait to see what she designs next!


Thank you so much Cands for Blake's beautiful shoes!! She's walking so nicely in them 😍😍 we are going to definitely need a black pair too!! Xxx


Absolutely gorgeous, super cool and excellent quality!! Thanks Candi for my daughter’s top! Looking forward to ordering more from Phoenix & the Llama!


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